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-Cringe. Such Cringe. Much Cringe. Immense Cringe. Shiv'ed by Cringe. Nuked with Cringe.-

...Perhaps I should redo some of these... Maybe 1 or 2...

So it's time to break the white solid wall of ice! Or at least try.

Been really busy with school the last 2 years and even so, my creative juices have been drained and dry.
I actually wouldn't be back on if I hadn't run out of funds for school. (From how I see it, it should really be a bad thing. But now it gives me time to work on my "portfolio").

Im trying to find some inspiration to get me back up again. Really wanting to do some animation or some concept designs.
May just hop back on to MMD or do some fanart for a "quick" fix. (Hope I improved somehow since my last post; It would be a waste if I didn't..)

Operation: Get-Back-Into-The-Groove begin!
Man, school has been keeping me busy with all the projects and stuff. I only get about an a few hours on the weekends to do my own personal projects, but even then I get really exhausted from just doing homework OTL.
Hopefully I can get to these:

• Finish Motion data and video for current MMD project.
• Finish modeling Essumi and Izuka weapons.
• Start modeling Essumi and Izuka themselves.
• Start modeling simple buildings and accessories for a small town.
• Perhaps start on another MMD?

Aiiyah . . .